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St. Paul's Episcopal Church by the Salish Sea

Outreach 2024

These are the local organizations we support with our outreach collection taken the first Sunday of each month. Please get to know them!



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Originally a ministry of St. Paul's, the Bremerton Backpack Brigade provides a supplemental food source on weekends for children in need throughout the eight Bremerton Elementary schools, including West Hills Restorative and Catalyst Public schools. It's now serving over 240 families, feeding 590-plus children each week.


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Recognizing the inherent worth & dignity of all people, KIAC works for the well-being & empowerment of immigrants through education, advocacy & social justice. KIAC envisions a community where everyone, regardless of where they were born, has fair and equitable access to justice, respect, and opportunity. Includes family services, immigration legal services and tax & business services.


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Episcopal Relief & Development works in collaboration with church partners and other local organizations to facilitate healthier, more fulfilling lives in communities that are struggling with hunger, poverty, disaster and disease. We also work around the world and here in the US responding to and rebuilding after disasters.


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The Salvation Army in Bremerton provides emergency services, including meals and winter shelter, to the homeless. It helps people navigate food insecurity, unexpected job loss and eviction concerns. It's mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.



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A strongly established continuous stay shelter that every day, year-round, helps people who are dealing with truly devastating difficulties such as unresolved trauma, mental illness, substance use disorders, domestic violence, and health problems. Services include a safe place to stay, meals and case management.


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Since 1980, Bremerton Foodline has provided free food for Kitsap and North Mason counties, serving roughly 4,000 household visits a week and offering a free grocery program. We also help to distribute millions of pounds of food to the Kitsap County Food Coalition.  In 2022, we clocked over 24,000 volunteer hours and 80% of our funding came from community members.



The YWCA Kitsap County is dedicated to ensuring the personal safety, rights, welfare, and dignity of those who experience domestic abuse while building partnerships and increasing community awareness to create positive social change.


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The Coffee Oasis is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to create pathways of opportunity for youth to be restored in heart, soul, mind, and body. We believe youth are the future of our community, but many are hurting, homeless, and hindered from living their full potential. The Coffee Oasis youth programs offer a place for the community to invest in their future—the youth.

Our generosity is informed by the simple theological truth that God has blessed us infinitely with all of the gifts of Creation. Our lives, our labor, our love is devoted to the mission of the Church when we take stock and realize that our lives and our response to God’s generosity are Rooted in Abundance.

St. Paul's is facing a huge transition. Mother Kathleen Kingslight, our rector since 2010, retired in January, and the Rev. Dr. Jane Maynard has joined us as interim as we approach the search for a new rector. This will involve a good conversation about the future of this 121-year-old parish.

What are we today as a parish and what do we want to become? What can we afford to pay for a rector, and for the maintenance of our building and property? What does God have in store for this community?

Now is the time for prayer — about our budget for 2023 and our plans for the future. All of that is tied up in our Stewardship program this year. St. Paul's seeks to Walk in Love because of the decisions of past congregations of this church. Now it's our turn to how God wants us to continue in our 122nd year and beyond.

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Preparing for the Challenges Ahead

All community is responsible for each individual to nurture a sense of being meaningful and valuable. And every person has responsibility for meeting the needs of the community.

Please pray for St. Paul's Rector Search. ✝️😊❤️🙏

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